Saturday, May 19, 2012

Getting along with Geckos

For the past three years, my husband and I have been living in Sarasota, Florida. Our little home in the tropics has been a new adventure. We are located on the 10a planting zone guide so we are nice and humid pretty much year round. Just a tiny walk and I'm standing and looking at the intercoastal for the gulf. Needless to say, having the possibility of growing year round also means lots of pests. Our lanai has had spiders off an on and I am completely afraid of them. Another pest in the lanai was the geckos. I kept picking them up and putting them outside. This year I have not done that. I am getting along with the geckos and they are taking care of my spider problem and also eating other pests. Yay! You may or may not find them cute but I'm learning to love them and appreciate what they do.

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