Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Attempting to grow food in Tiny spaces!

Gardening in the smallest of space in Sarasota, Florida can be difficult. We have .25 acre but most is home, pool, brick paver decking, wood deck, shed and fencing. So we are trying our hand and making the most of any useable space to grow food. Our goal is to create as much food as possible and take advantage of our growing season, which includes just one month of possible frost. So far this year we rescued 14 tomato plants from the local grocery. They were going to throw them out. We mananged to save 12 plants and they are growing hardy and making lots of blooms and tomatoes. I started around 24 starts of a variety of heirloom tomato seeds. The starts include: banana legs, cherokee purple, amish paste, white wonder and other larger red varieties. We are currently growing sweet and purple basil, catnip (to repel mosquitoes - not working yet! lol), thornless blackberries, a variety of peppers, aloe, and rosemary. We have little starts of beans, peas, cucumber, summer squash and zucchini. We will see how all these go. The goal is to reduce the amout of non-edibles and plant as much food as possible. I've been told it's very difficult to grow food here but I will document success and failure just the same. Wish me luck!

Blackberry starts will be trellised on the side fence.

Cavendish Banana tree has been planted in a container to protect and move as needed.


Purple Basil

Love my new whisky barrel! What shall I plant? Possibly onion or garlic?

Had to have a few Begonia flowers.


Garden stones.

New garden hose stop. Love this little guy

Moonstruck Marigolds. Such huge flowers and so rich in color.

Rosemary. Can't wait to bunch it and baste the grilled corn.

Saved tomatoes!

More Saved tomatoes!

View over the palms by the pool at sunset.

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